Should You Build Up? Or Build Out?

Many projects we work on involve the planning of additions for homes where the owners want and need more space, but don’t want to go through the hassle (and cost) of moving. Instead of buying a larger house, some homeowners opt to retain their kids’ high-quality Howard County schools and turn to additions to increase their home’s space and value.

Budgets and costs vary widely depending on the project’s scope, but the key strategy is to plan an addition to build out, not up. Adding another story to an existing home requires more planning, construction and expense than adding extra rooms to the side or back of a house since you’re changing, and building onto, load-bearing walls. Adding vertically is more expensive. Changing existing walls and the foundation translates to family interruption to move out temporarily, project time, money and more headaches. With a bump-out, there is no need to worry about completely changing your house’s structure. We are familiar with the County’s set-back limitations. You lose some yard, but keep more cash!