A kitchen sink, how difficult could it be to pick one out?

Drop-In, Undermount, Farmhouse, Workstation, Tight Radius, Bar, Commercial, or Laundry Sink? Sink only, sink with faucets or a sink with accessories? What about the material, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Fireclay, Granite, Copper, or Acrylic? Single Bowl, Double Bowl, or Triple Bowl Sink? So many choices, and that does not even include the size. Whew!! Every day, millions of homeowners enter their kitchen and use their kitchen sink several times a day.

Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or if you are feeling your kitchen sink needs some love, it may be time for an upgrade.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you will find that, as a homeowner, you have an unlimited number of options. If you choose to do so, you could remodel everything, including the kitchen sink.

Let’s start by finding a sink that piques your interest. Some may say you need practical, but let’s explore a bit. Explore indeed by looking to your local designer or bath and kitchen store and even your local home improvement store. Get some ideas of what you would like and then find a way to incorporate them into your remodeling design. Look for a kitchen sink that sparks happiness and makes you want to use it all day long. It may even reflect your personality, just a bit!

It is also essential to consider the style. Most kitchen sinks come with two basins, but it is also possible for them to only come with one. When choosing a kitchen sink that only has one or two basins, you may want to examine your needs. For example, if you do not have a dishwasher, you will need to wash your dishes in your kitchen sink. Therefore, when doing dishes, it may be easier if you have a double basin kitchen sink. Although two basin kitchen sinks are more convenient, you will likely find that the one basin sinks are trendier and, somewhat, more attractive.

Now let us take a moment and think about how you use your kitchen sink. There are obvious ways like washing dishes, cleaning fruits and vegetables, filling a glass of water for drinking, filling a vase for flowers, or washing your hands. How about giving your infant or small dog a bath in the kitchen sink? When you wash dishes, do you need a garbage disposal when you pull the plug, and your food waste goes down the drain? If not, can your garbage disposal go on the opposite side of a dual sink? Are you right or left-handed? How do you fill a pitcher of water or a tea kettle? Will your hands cross over awkwardly with how the sink faucet and handles are attached to the sink?

Remember that size does matter, so you must keep several things in mind. If you are simply replacing a kitchen sink, you may find it a little bit more challenging to find a kitchen sink. This is because your kitchen counter already has a pre-sized space for a sink. If you purchase a sink that is too big for that space or even too small for it, a small kitchen remodeling project may become a relatively large one. That is why you must consider sink sizes. However, if your kitchen remodeling project includes new kitchen cabinets and new countertops, you may not have to be concerned with sink sizes.

The style of a kitchen sink includes how many basins it has and includes the color. While most kitchen sinks come in stainless steel, there are other kitchen sink colors. Different popular colors include white, granite, biscuit, and almond. Sometimes, the color of a new kitchen sink may be more important to you than whether it has one or two basins. If you are also remodeling other parts of your kitchen, like the floors or your countertops, it may be a good idea to make sure that your new kitchen sink compliments your other repairs or at least matches them.

If you find you need some assistance, contact CCS today. With our experience and eye for style combined with your list of wants, likes, and needs, we are confident you will love your new kitchen sink!