With only a month and a half to go, 2020 has been all about disruption and pivoting. In addition to the Global Pandemic, we have witnessed fires, a record number of hurricanes, flooding and election turmoil. Many individuals are starting to experience pandemic fatigue and throughout the country, we are all at the end of our seats, just waiting to see what comes next.

At Clarksville Construction Services, we want you to know; We Are Here For You. We are your neighbors, your friends and the company that will be there to meet and to exceed your expectations at a time when life is uncertain.

Price Increases, Material Delays, Labor Shortages

There are no mincing words; there have been price increases, material delays and labor shortages. However, we are doing our absolute best to pass on any savings we can to our customers. If and when there is a supply delay, our project managers notify you right away of the situation and work with you on timing and solutions. Clarksville Construction Services has not experienced a labor shortage. Our labor force is comprised of independent contractors with who we have agreements to do business. They are licensed and certified professionals who uphold the same values and core values as we do at CCS.

It’s Time to Pivot

When you need a quiet place to work and the kitchen table has fully transformed into remote schooling for your children, we are here to help you transform the spare bedroom with a quick and easy remodel.

While your little chefs have been assisting more with those in-home meals, we can assist with the kitchen remodel you were dreaming about over the past few years. Yes, the cost of marble has increased due to the tariffs on Chinese marble increasing from 4.9% to 30% in the past year, but do not despair. We will get you the best price or make viable recommendations on alternatives that fit best with your budget.

Some want and need to pivot but did not plan for a remodel. There is no need to fret. We still have plenty of options for you with financing options or give you an estimate through our Handyman Services. Our Handymen are certified, licensed and professional.


Today, in Maryland, it feels like we took a step back with the Governor’s announcement. But know, we are here to keep you and your family safe in the way we work and live. Clarksville Construction remains open for business and we are here to take care of your remodeling and repair needs. Health and safety is our highest priority. Therefore, we follow protocols set by state and local governments to help prevent the virus’s spread. We have taken the appropriate steps to keep our office, shop, trucks, equipment clean and, most importantly, keep our team and customers safe in these uncertain times. We are here to continue to serve you and your family – Safely.

We Build Trust First

We are not going to tell you what we think you want to hear. We will not tell you we are the cheapest. We will not tell you that you will have your project done next week when it will be next month. And we most certainly will not tell you we can complete an entire project with a blanket price and timeframe and then hit you with fine print.

We will tell you and show you that we Respect you, your home and your personal property. We will be Honest with you about prices, why they have increased and the time frame in which we can get materials and your project completed. We will extend Kindness from our team family to you and your family. We promote a healthy work environment, and we want to extend that to your home environment to ensure everything runs smoothly. We are at your Service.

We are here for you as your Region’s Premier Home Improvement Company.