Exterior Painting

Since 1999, Clarksville Construction Services has painted hundreds of your neighbors’ homes in Columbia, Ellicott City, Catonsville, Odenton, Laurel, Eldersburg and Laurel.  Inside and Out!

Our approach to painting the exterior starts with a complete analysis of what is required to prepare your home for receiving paint, noting any unseen rotting wood or other hidden problems. We inform you of any problem areas and suggest remedies for any ongoing issue. Usually, the remedy is the prep work for which we are famous for.  Read all those Angie’s List reviews!

Whereas interior painting is chiefly cosmetic, exterior painting serves a dual purpose. In addition to being appealing to the eye, the prep work, including precise caulking, sanding, and priming, is intended to create a barrier against the elements.  Our time-tested process ensures top quality workmanship is applied to your Clarksville paint job.

  1. Surface preparation by power washing the exterior. CCS will apply an environmentally safe light bleach solution to assure that any mold or mildew is removed.
  2. Scraping and sanding to remove any peeling paint.
  3. Prime all the bare wood. An oil-based primer will be applied to all areas where bare wood is exposed. Primer is applied after all loose peeling paint has been removed; It is important that an oil-based primer is used and not a latex. Oil-based primers are designed to penetrate and seal the wood, whereas a latex primer sits on the surface and does not properly seal the wood.
  4. Caulking and sealing any gaps and holes in the exterior surface to assure that moisture does not penetrate the surface. This ensures no future wood rot or paint deterioration.
  5. Let’s get our top quality Sherwin-Williams out now: it’s time to PAINT! We use only the best paints and the exacting color mix will give your home a fresh look. Our Paint and Drywall Team is experienced, professional and delivers high-quality workmanship to Howard County homes. We ensure our customer is satisfied with the service that we provide. We are not happy until you are a happy customer. Expect an expert consultation to render a fair, honest estimate, a well-defined work order and accurate, on-time delivery to paint your home.


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Drywall Repair

If your wall is showing some wear and tear due to absorbing moisture from those vaporous showers, or if you found evidence of cracks and holes that have damaged your wall, call Clarksville Construction Services for skilled drywall repair.

Our painters are knowledgeable and experienced. We understand that each job is unique. We are committed to making sure that every job is well done, on time and on budget. Call the CCS Paint and Drywall Team to schedule a free estimate. Our crews are skilled in wood repair and replacement. If there is any rotten or moldy wood in your Columbia, Catonsville, Laurel or Silver Spring home, we replace it so that your home looks its best.