Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them

In today’s modern renovations, choosing the right paint colors is more than just picking a favorite color. Picking the right palette can help highlight your home’s interior and emphasize focal points in ways you might not even realize. For instance, the right paint color paired with the proper application technique can visually raise a ceiling or lower it depending on how the color contrasts or coincides with the walls. One paint color can turn a room into a lively entertaining space, while turning another into a cozy space to curl up solo with a book.

With seemingly limitless options, picking out the perfect shade for inside your home can feel overwhelming. If you’re in this dilemma, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some tried and true steps that you can take to make the color selection process more manageable. Here are some tips for choosing the right paint colors and knowing how to use them for your house interior:

Match Your Paint Color Scheme To Your Home Furniture

In a world where a vast myriad of colors can be yours, a good practice is having an some ideas in mind before you even step foot in the showroom.

Start by selecting a color you like the most from three existing pieces of furniture in your home. It could be a sofa, a coffee table, or another statement piece. Take these 3 colors and choose one of them as your primary wall color, and the other two are reserved for linings and furnishings to create a harmonious blend.

Use A Paint Finish To Establish An Appealing Visual Effect

Paint finish refers to the level of the shine of the paint and how it reflects light. The finish you choose is just as important as the paint color of your choice. When used strategically, your paint color and finish can emphasize your interior’s best assets.

A matte or flat finish provides a simple smooth appearance and doesn’t reflect light directly, making surface imperfections less noticeable. Flat finish paint doesn’t clean up quickly because of its matte texture, so it works best in low-traffic areas that dont require much tidying up, such as the guest bedroom, an office, or a formal living room.

Satin finishes are also known as eggshell or low-luster finishes. They bounce light around the room while resisting inevitable scuffs and stains from everyday activities. With their slightly more reflective look and durability, a satin finish is the preferred  choice for most walls in a home.

Semi-Gloss and high-gloss finishes can highlight curves and panels of doors with their light-reflective sheen. These glossy hues are commonly resistant to mildew, dirt, and stains and are ideal for trims, doors, and small closets.

Pick Paint Colors To Create Your Desired Atmosphere

Have you ever noticed how looking at red or orange dishes increases our appetite and how looking at nature’s blue and green hues calms us down? Colors can create or change our perception of our atmosphere.

The psychology of color is a minor ­obsession among home professionals because colors evoke an emotional response. Cool colors (blues, greens, and whites) are perceived as restful and soothing, while warm colors (like red, orange, and yellow) stir a sense of drama and energy. Cool colors are calming for private rooms, while warm colors are an excellent way to enliven social spaces. It’s best to select a color based on how a room is used and the mood you want to establish.

Amplify Spaces And Make Them Cozier With Your Paint Colors

How you paint a room can be just as crucial as choosing colors to make the best use of your available square footage. Generally, crisp whites can make a space more extensive and open, while warm colors create a sense of intimacy. Lighter hues can open up a small space, while darker colors can make it look like the walls are closer than they are.

If you have a small room in your house, you can give it more oomph with a look-at-me color choice like hunter green, rust, or sepia tones, making it feel more welcome and cozy. You can also choose to paint an accent wall using the most prominent wall in the room. With the right color combo, an accent wall can amplify your space. As a good rule of thumb, use darker paint on the long wall and go lighter with the shorter walls using the same paint color family, but in light and dark tones.

In Summary

No matter how much time and effort you spend on other areas of interior design, the paint colors you choose will be the make or break factor to your home’s overall ambiance and aesthetics.

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Choosing The Right Paint Colors And Knowing How To Use Them