Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout

Our kitchens are where some of our most precious memories are made: preparing meals with our loved ones, entertaining friends and family, and engaging in delightful conversations with guests at the counter. For these reasons, creating a suitable kitchen space is essential — it’s not only about interior style choices but also setting up a functional and practical kitchen layout.

Lucky for you, our team at Clarksville Construction has your back! We house a professional kitchen design team that can help you navigate the intricacies of choosing a kitchen layout and find the final look that best suits your needs.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best kitchen design layouts.

The Kitchen Triangle Concept

One well-known design concept developed in the early 20th century is the kitchen triangle, also known as golden triangle. This concept helps homeowners regulate activities in the kitchen by strategically placing the main work areas to form a triangle. The three spots of the triangle signify the three focal work areas: sink, oven, and refrigerator. This concept ensures everyone working in the kitchen can move freely between these three points.

When planning a kitchen layout incorporating the kitchen triangle, there are a few things to remember. First, the sum distance of this triangle should not be less than 13 feet and not exceed 26 feet. Moreover, each leg must measure between four and nine feet. Also, no side of the kitchen triangle should cut through or overlap a kitchen island by more than 12 inches, and there should be no significant traffic patterns that cross through the work triangle. Keeping these in mind ensures that your workflow in the kitchen is hassle-free and uninterrupted.

Different Functional Layouts For Your Kitchen

Here are kitchen layouts on which you can apply this principle, and Clarksville Construction is here, ready to help and guide you through them.

The U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The U-shaped layout is the most efficient kitchen layout and provides a lot of working and storage space. It can also accommodate more appliances and a kitchen island. It’s the most practical layout for the working triangle concept because of the space it can utilize.

This kitchen layout allows you to move between the refrigerator, cooktop, and sink seamlessly and provides an uninterrupted workflow. The sink or cooktop may be placed at the center of the U, while the fridge can be stationed on the outer side facing either the cooktop or the sink.

The Galley Kitchen Layout

The galley, also known as the parallel kitchen design, is a kitchen layout that allows a decent area for movement despite being smaller than an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. Using this kitchen layout, you can easily integrate the work triangle concept by placing the refrigerator near the outer edge parallel to the sink.

The L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped layout is excellent for homes that can only accommodate a limited kitchen space. It can also easily match to any décor. An L-shaped kitchen layout is built on a corner of your house where two walls form perpendicular angles, with one wall being twice the length of the other. The work triangle concept is applicable in this layout and will be great for you if you prefer working in the kitchen alone.

Like the Galley layout, you may place the refrigerator parallel to the cooktop or the sink, depending on your preference. This layout also allows an island to be placed outside your kitchen’s Work Triangle for more working space.

Are You Ready To Spruce Up Your Kitchen?

Designing or remodeling your kitchen might sound daunting. These kitchen layout options should provide an enjoyable time in the kitchen while still being functional and practical. After all, a kitchen should be a place that helps you experience and indulge in the joys of cooking and creating good, warm memories with families and friends.

To help you with any construction or remodeling needs, you can contact Clarksville Construction Services today! Get in touch with us today and experience the Clarksville difference as we make your visions for your home a reality!

Enhance Your Kitchen Workflow With The Right Kitchen Layout