Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition

If you are a homeowner wanting to do a roof inspection, repair, or even installation, the first thing to do is to understand your roof – its anatomy, materials, and the proper care and roof services it needs to keep your entire residential roofing system in good condition. The easiest way to do this is to hire or consult a professional, experienced residential roofing company to guide you every step of the way to be successful in your roofing project.

Finding the right roofing contractor to work with is crucial, but look no further! Clarksville Roofing, a division of Clarksville Construction Services Inc., is a full-service roofing company you can count on. We are always ready to work with you on any roofing project, and you can expect high-quality roofing services from our professional crew and roofing experts.

To start, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of residential roofing systems to help you better understand your roofing needs.

Standard Anatomy of a Residential Roof

A residential roof structure consists of more than just shingles and tiles. So, learning the anatomy of your roof not only guarantees additional knowledge but will also help you better understand the installation, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance it needs.

Here are some of the most common residential roof components:


The roof structure is the framework of the roof. It consists of rafters, trusses, or beams, depending on the home’s construction and overall layout, and the final roof covering and slope.


The primary purpose of flashing is to prevent water from entering the house. It is usually made of a thin strip of material, mostly metal; it is installed around roof protrusions to deflect water and allow it to run off the roof.


Roof sheathing refers to the uncovered, flat sheets of material visible on a residential roof. These sheets rest directly and are secured on the roof structure’s apex. Oriented strand boards (OSB) are the most common sheathing material, but you can also use plywood for heavier roofing materials, such as concrete tiles.


Your roof covering is the top layer of the roofing system. The most popular materials for roof covering are asphalt or wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles, PVC, rubber, spray foam, tar, and gravel.


Roof drainages aim to remove as much water from the roof as possible. Specifically, residential roof drainages prevent water from pooling and remaining on the roof while directing runoff to the proper areas.


Roof vents have two components: the exhaust function and the intake vents. When properly designed and operated, the ventilation system permits hot air to escape the attic and cool air to enter the house.

Common Residential Roofing Materials

Choosing the suitable roofing material requires balancing aesthetics, durability, costs, and structural considerations. There is a wide selection of roofing materials on the market, and the following may prompt you to explore a new type of roofing material that is ideal for your home:

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular residential roof type due to its durability and longevity, and it can have a life expectancy of 40 to 75 years. Metal roofing is also available in various designs, some of which incorporate solar or snow removal mechanisms. In addition, metal roofing can have an attractive appearance and high fire resistance properties. However, this roofing material is highly susceptible to corrosion, which can only be avoided by applying additional protective solutions on surfaces.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are small, uniformly-sized shingles with a layer of asphalt encased in multiple layers of adhesive and felt. Felt bases are being replaced with fiberglass sheets nowadays to increase their durability. They are also inexpensive, water resistant, and require minimal maintenance. Clarksville is proudly a Certainteed Shingle Master and can assist with all your residential roofing needs.

Clay Roofing

Clay tiles are typically more expensive than metal or asphalt shingles, but they have superior wind resistance and are nearly insusceptible to water damage. One of its disadvantages is that they may need additional support to sustain their weight and are likely to break when being walked on.

Slate Roofing

A slate roof is a premium, aesthetically pleasing material and is considered one of the most long-lasting roofs in the market today. Slates are durable and can last for about a hundred years. The downside of this material is that not all infrastructures are strong enough to support the slates’ weight, and repairs for this material can also be more challenging.

Proper Care Tips For Your Residential Roof

Any residential roofing system will require a roof repair or replacement at some point. However, proper roofing care can significantly reduce the risk of costly roofing problems. Here are the three most important things to do to ensure a healthy residential roofing system:

Yearly Inspection

Having a regular residential roof inspection at least once a year can help avoid structural damage, detect problems early, and save money on future maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your roof is critical for extending its life. This aspect involves cleaning debris, spotting leakages and treating them, preparing the roof for harsh weather, and repairing minor problems before they become bigger headaches.

Applicable Roofing Services

Now that you understand the basic residential roof components and common materials used in a residential roofing system, you can identify what roofing service you need. Roof repair, replacement, and installation methods can vary greatly depending on the roofing issues that need to be addressed.

Work With Clarksville Construction For Quality Roof Services And Home Remodeling Projects

Clarksville Construction’s team of experts can pinpoint any roofing problem areas and determine the best solution for your residential roofing system. We ensure top-quality service at all times. To attest to this, CertainTeed®, a roofing and exterior product industry leader, has certified our project managers as ShingleMaster™ Applicators.

For more information, call us at 443-386-3099 to discuss your roofing needs or any home construction and remodeling projects you have in mind.

Understanding Residential Roofing and How To Keep It in Tip-Top Condition