Summer is right around the corner! Can your home take the heat? Whether you’ve previously encountered summer-related structural problems or are simply looking for ways to maintain your beloved home in impeccable shape year-round, fret no more! These five summer maintenance tips will help make it easier to keep your home spic and span. Let’s dive in!

Replace Broken Doors And Windows

Many people prefer summer over other seasons because of the picturesque scenes, memorable gatherings, and the overall festive mood. However, this season can be equally infamous for the mosquitoes that people are forced to deal with daily. The most straightforward way of fending off these aggressive, thirsty little vampires is replacing or repairing broken doors and windows to substantially decrease the number of mosquitoes that make their way into your home. You may also install screen doors that let air through for ventilation while keeping insects out.

Order An HVAC Maintenance

Warmer months make fire hazards more dangerous, so ensuring that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are in the best shape is crucial. Moreover, you use your AC and ventilation units the most in summer, so scheduling a routine checkup once or twice during the hottest parts of the season can help extend your appliances’ and system’s lifespan. It also pays to repair minor damages to your HVAC system before the autumn and winter roll around the corner, when you are likely to turn the heat up for comfort.

Inspect Your Basement And Attic

Most homeowners find that mold is one of the most resilient enemies during the warm seasons. Due to the combined high heat and humidity levels during summer, areas like the basement and attic are more prone to growing molds. While you may think it is better to wait for summer to end before tending to them, letting mold sit on your furniture, clothes, or walls aggravates the problem. Conduct a weekly or biweekly inspection of your attic and basement to fend off molds and mildew as best as possible.

Examine Your Smoke Detectors

When the temperature rises to exceptional levels, seemingly insignificant acts – such as overcharging your laptop – can quickly lead to house fires. A properly working smoke detector will ensure that you get ahead of possible catastrophes and property damages. While you’re at it, it would help to check and repair your carbon monoxide detector to prevent toxic gas poisoning when the cold seasons come, and you start using furnaces and fireplaces more often.

Inspect Your Outdoor Structures

Heat can cause wood panels and boards to blister or crack, and paint may peel. To ensure your household remains safe throughout the season, replacing rotting materials on decks, sheds, and fences is best. A quick test you can do is pour a cup of water on your deck – if the panels absorb the water, that is a sign to contact a construction professional to reseal the planks immediately. Exterior paint is also best recoated during this period to keep your home’s curb appeal.

Do you see anything that needs repairing, replacing, or inspecting inside your home this summer? Call Clarksville Construction Services at 443-386-3099! They can provide you with expert advice on how to best approach and finish any job. Plus, they are driven by the values of respecting their client’s property, building lifetime relationships, promoting a healthy and dynamic work environment, and providing high-level services that ensure 100% customer satisfaction.