Home improvement plans are significant undertakings, requiring careful planning. In most cases, budget is the top factor that affects when you set your house renovation ideas into motion. But there are several other components to be considered, including your schedule and – most importantly – the timing. While you can start home remodeling and renovation projects all year round, the season plays a significant role in whether your total project costs will increase or decrease. Inclement or undesirable weather conditions can delay ongoing plans, causing inconvenience to you and your family. To get the most value out of your money, you need to timetable your house renovation. Luckily the team at Clarksville knows about all different kinds of home improvement projects and the best time to do them.

Interior And Exterior Paint

Indoor paint jobs are more flexible with interior heating and air conditioning systems. By regulating the air and temperature inside your home, you can set it to the ideal condition for the paint to dry evenly. If you do not have reliable HVAC systems in place, the main thing to look out for is humid weather. Summer humidity may cause paint to dry slowly and roughly. In these cases, schedule your interior paint projects during winter. Outdoor paint is different. Since you need at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit, painting during seasons when temperatures may drop may cause delays and subpar results. It is better to plan these projects for the summer.

Flooring And Carpentry

Extreme weather conditions are the nemesis of high-quality flooring and indoor carpentry. Humidity in the summer and dry air in the winter can warp or crack the wood. To prevent these problems, book with professionals during spring or fall. Newly installed wood floors or wallboards also come with the pungent odor of varnish, carpet adhesives, or wood stain. During spring or fall, you are free to open your windows and allow proper ventilation to neutralize the smell.

Room Remodeling

While the weather does not typically impact indoor remodeling, seasons still affect the expenses. The start of June sees an influx in home remodeling job orders, and contracts peak in July. Planning your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project in spring keeps you ahead of the curve and avoids high labor fees from contractors with packed schedules. On the flipside, basement and attic redesigning should occur during the fall. Your contractors will not have to suffer the summer heat in the attic or freeze from the winter cold in the basement.

Home Extensions

Home additions take longer to finish, so you must time them perfectly to avoid delays and inconveniences. As a rule of thumb, call a contractor to book these projects in early winter or late fall – for execution starting late spring up to early fall. It would be best if you avoided any chance of snow or extremely low temperatures since ongoing house extensions can leave you vulnerable to the elements. If you live in an area with regular heavy rains, it is also essential to ensure that your projects do not coincide with the storm season.

Outdoor And Roofing Projects

Building a backyard deck or taking on other outdoor construction is best done during the winter. While it may seem intuitive to call contractors during summer, the scorching heat is not conducive to quality work. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause deck surfaces to crack. Pressure-treated wood used in such projects also stabilizes in colder and lower-humidity weather. On the other hand, you should schedule fence painting or deck staining during summer, similar to exterior paint. But if you are planning to replace or repair your room, go for spring – roof contractors are busy during fall, and summer and winter weathers are too extreme for roof work.


Overall, the most significant part of house renovation is planning. At the minimum, you should have the ideas sorted six months before a project and get in touch with your chosen contractor two to three months before starting. Clarksville Construction Services can help you with a wide range of interior and exterior home improvement projects! Our goal is to make you comfortable in your house and improve your space. We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs and wishes first while providing professional and expert advice on how to best approach and finish the job. Contact us at 443-386-3099 for top-notch construction work!